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Geneina in Action

Cairo, Egypt 

December, 2014

Renet Korthals Altes, Haarlem, NL

Takween ICD, Cairo, EG

Ahmed Borham, Cairo, EG

‘Geneina’ is the new space implemented by  Takween Integrated Community Development and funded by UNHCR.


The construction of this open space aims to increase the level of peaceful coexistence, integration, and mutual acceptance between the local hosting community and Syrian refugees through engaging members of these communities in planning, designing, and implementing the public space improvements, to create a safe and stimulating outdoor area for gathering and playing that is inviting and accessible for all.


The workshop's aim was to promote alternative and sustainable techniques for construction among professionals and local communities by using low-tech and durable materials.


Nevine Akl, Alyaa Taha, Heba Shama, Lamia Ayman, Ismail Seleit, Dina Amin, Omar El Koussy, Martha Gendy, Mona Mannoun, Ismail Moneer, Salma Belal, Yusuf Halim and Rehab Sobhy.

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