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Cairo, Why?

Cairo, Egypt 

May, 2016

curator: Agnes Mshshchk, EG

Twins Cartoon, EG

Mohammed Wahba Elshenawy, EG

But why Cairo? Why not Barcelona? Or London? An exhibition of photos, collages, and illustrations – done within a workshop - done by the Kawkab el Rasameen and Agnes Michalczyk at MEGAWRA Khalifa

Photos, collages, and illustrations.

"God of Time" is a piece by Kashmiry and illustrated by Ismail Seleit reflecting on the relationship between us and the city. A story of a young man who is looking for love in Cairo during the 25th of Jan revolution. Cairo's answer was time. The young man ends up being 'God of time' who owns most of the time in the city. 


Azza Ezzat, Ahmed Borham, Mohammed El Boghdady, Farida Hammad, Florence Mohy, Omar El Melegy, Shahd R. Omar, Nour Ghriany

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