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Herengracht 179,
WAVE Atelier

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

August, 2019

Composer: Arjan Linker

Design: Omar Kashmiry

Architect: DISEL architects, Amsterdam, NL

Inspired by Iannis Xenakis, the Greek architect and composer, and his orchestral piece Metastaseis, WAVE Atelier is an experimental adventure that explores the relationship between architecture and music using drawing as a communication medium and the result is a unique ensemble piece called Herengracht 179 that is informed by the design of the living room of 1813HRG designed by DISEL architects and composed specifically for it.


the aim is to rethink our traditional approach to architecture and explore the different dimensions of our sensorial experience in space by translating architectural spaces into music. By doing so, new questions can be raised and affect how architects design spaces and how users experience them. 

Working on 1813HRG as space has very unique characteristics that inspire us and open ways of applying the concept. We chose the living room as a space that consists of different elements with special characters and features.

Our senses influence how we experience moments and architectural spaces. In addition to sight, smell, and touch, hearing determine our experience to a great extent. That is why we believe it is essential to incorporate music into the architectural process and benefit from the overlap of both disciplines.

Drawings are the main tools of architects as a communication medium that is sufficient enough to realize a building. The process of developing them requires the architect to involve all of his senses in order to create a timeless spatial experience. Eventually, we get physical silent elements that shape our lives for a long time,  but, what if those elements have voices, so we can see, touch and hear them.


Rethinking the role played by our hearing in experiencing spaces will contribute in a playful way and inform applied and non-applied aspects of architecture itself.

WAVE Atelier is collaborating with NACHTLICHT ensemble. Founded in January 2018, NACHTLICHT is a nine-piece Jazz/Classical music crossover ensemble based in Amsterdam/Utrecht and led by composer Arjan Linker. The ensemble consists of students in classical music, jazz music, and music composition at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, Codarts Rotterdam, the Royal Conservatory in Den Hague, and the Hogeschool Voor De Kunsten Utrecht.

Together, the young collaboration can lead to new opportunities and private or public projects such as churches, cultural centers or museums. 

Following two rehearsals, the piece was recorded on the 1st of August 2019 by 5 musicians as a first attempt. The length of the piece is 6:30 min. 


Press the speaker icon and you can listen to 1:30 min. sample of the musical piece. 

NOTE: It is recommended to listen to the piece using headphones as it is a stereo recording which means you can hear the instruments from surrounding 360 degrees.

WAVE pics10_edited.jpg
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