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Athens, Greece 

Tutor: Prof. Francesca Hughes

Arch. Sofia Krimizi

Arch. Gergely Kovács

KU Leuven, June, 2018

Our education system was meant for an industrial age economy and is therefore obsolete in our modern society. 


How could architecture – as a social language – affect our unlearning process? 


The aforementioned question is tackled through a linear architecture trouvé: The conveyor belt. The belt is an allegorical model that is reconfigured in order to remember what we have to forget being the linearity of the current educational system.

“ The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ” 

— Alvin Toffler

“Accordingly, things arranged in a fixed order, are easy to remember[or recollect], while badly arranged subjects are remembered with difficulty.”

- Aristotle, On memory and reminiscence

Memory Belt - Omar A. Kashmiry v31_Page_
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Memory Belt - Omar A. Kashmiry v42_Page_

"The needle is the thinnest, least voluminous structure to mark a location within the grid. It combines maximum physical impact with a negligible consumption of ground.", Rem Koolhaas, Delirious New York

Memory Belt - Omar A. Kashmiry v31_Page_
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